Yes But Why ep 203 Melissa Sledge urges you to push past fear and be your best self!

This week on Yes But Why, we talk to actor and personal trainer, Melissa Sledge.  


Melissa Sledge is an Austin based fitness professional, who after losing 50 pounds herself, dedicated her life to teaching others how to look beyond the scale and focus on making daily healthy living practices. In between helping her clients live their best life, Melissa is also active as an actor and model.

Melissa and I met on a photo shoot. In between shots, Melissa and I bonded over the hard work it takes to keep a creative career going.  Like so many others, I was inspired by her so I asked her to be on the podcast.

In this conversation, we chat about the pull to be responsible and practical and how it can keep you away from doing what you are really meant to do. Melissa talks about her journey from salesperson to college counselor to fitness professional.

Melissa shares her love of acting in commercials and films. She talks about sinking her teeth into commercial workshops and acting classes to hone her craft.

We discuss her experience getting attention from the fitness press when she lost 50 lbs on her own and how that led her to create her own fitness business. She loves having the opportunity to help people live a healthier life.

You can support Melissa right now by visiting her website and taking advantage of the virtual personal training and fitness nutrition coaching she is currently offering!


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(production notes: recorded with phone and lapel mics at Fallout Theater on 1/10/2020)

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