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Dudes and Beer Podcast

The Dudes and Beer Podcast is an open discourse on the current state of humanity…with beer! The American Revolution was begun by people sitting in a bar talking about religion and politics, and yet these topics are now forbidden in social circumstances. Why? We discuss everything from science and nature to government and politics as well as fun and of course…BEER! Join us as we delve into the deepest realms of the human condition.

The Talking Sound Podcast

Talking Sound was created to bring aspiring audio engineers and recording musicians not only the best of old and new technologies in the audio field, but also the benefits of the knowledge of application of these technologies in both live and studio environments.

Austin Hot Mods

Based in Austin, TX Austin Hot Mods provides modification to guitar pedals and guitars as well as gear diagnosis, repair and a full line of custom sound devices

HC Productions

HC Productions is a full service sound, lighting and video company specializing in live production and broadcast

LITM Media

LITM Media is a publicist company that specializes in providing marketing solutions for their clients. Primarily, LITM Media connects its clients with radio shows, podcasts, conferences, and other events. Though a newcomer in the industry, LITM is quickly building a name for itself among the late-night radio genre. Each day Michelle works her magic to fulfill every item on each of her client’s wish lists, AND for an affordable price to boot!

Epic Sales Advisors

We equip our clients with aggressive digital marketing strategies focused only on channels where we know their target demographic is paying attention. How do we know where the target audience is focusing their attention? Experience.