Yes But Why ep 204 Sarah Rhea Werner and flinging yourself down your own creative staircase!

This week, Yes But Why Podcast presents a conversation with Sarah Rhea Werner, host and star of the popular audio drama podcast, Girl In Space!


Sarah Rhea Werner is a professional podcaster, a writer, a speaker, a contributor to Forbes, and the creator and executive producer of both the Write Now podcast and the award-winning audio drama Girl In Space.

Sarah was an absolutely delightful guest from the very beginning of this interview. I can’t believe I confessed so much to her about my own creative rut! I felt a little awkward and fan-girly but she was so kind and supportive throughout the whole chat!

In this conversation, we kick off deep diving into a discussion on imagination as a survival instinct. Then, Sarah talks about her own creative process and I ask how the popularity of Girl In Space has affected her.

We discuss the impact we can have on people with our podcasts and we talk about searching for creative inspiration in everything we do. Sarah shares the story of how she started her sci-fi podcast, Girl In Space. We talk about how to get the work done.

Support Sarah Rhea Werner by listening to and watching her shows – the Write Now podcast for writers and the sci-fi audio drama, Girl In Space.  Also, Sarah teaches classes as a Podcasting Expert to help new podcasters get started! Contact her for help now!


this is the tweet we talk about in this episode!

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(production notes: recorded phone call with Rodecaster at the home studio on 1/15/2020)

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