Yes But Why ep 202 Alicia Dattner will bring you laughter and a transformative experience!

This week, Yes But Why interviews stand-up comedian and life coach, Alicia Dattner.


For the past few years, comedian Alicia Dattner has been touring the world and selling out her one-woman shows, Eat, Pray, Laugh!, and The Oy of Sex!

Alicia is unafraid to dig deep into her own stories to help you find your own. She is a natural born teacher of storytelling with an extensive history of adventures in comedy, yoga and holistic medicine. Alicia makes great connections onstage and off, performing standup comedy in clubs from San Francisco to London to Honolulu to Bombay.

Raised in an ashram, Alicia’s connection with spirituality (and comedy) started at a young age. Alicia did her first standup set at 18 and she was so good they gave her a degree in standup comedy (seriously). She is also well educated in acting, filmmaking, screenwriting, healing and transformation.

In this conversation, we talk about Alicia’s recent experiences teaching improv and meditation workshops in Bali. We talk about the transformative work she has been doing to better herself as an artist. Alicia shares stories of her college days with comedy pal, Eugene Mirman. Alicia discusses her performance style of weaving storytelling and solo show techniques into her standup comedy.

You can support Alicia Dattner by taking her online workshop, COCOON“, a live, online 5-week METAMORPHOSIS for creative writers, conscious-minded storytellers, and out-of-the-boxers thought-leaders. This page-to-stage writing, storytelling, comedy, and public speaking workshop culminates in a final online performance! LINK TO ENROLL NOW!

You can also support Alicia by contributing to her Patreon! Now more than ever, live performance artists need a little bit to keep them going! Keep art funded!


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(production notes: recorded phone call with Rodecaster at the home studio on 11/20/2019)

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