Yes But Why ep 195 Filmmaker Andrew Krakower made a beautiful film inspired by his experiences living in Nepal.

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to filmmaker, Andrew Krakower.

Andrew is a writer and a director who graduated from UT’s RTF program. Since graduation, he has been exploring the world for inspiration and then bringing back to us the stories he finds. You may know Andrew because his first feature film, The Children’s War is a widely distributed documentary about the atrocities of a decades-long civil war in Northern Uganda.

After making that film, Krakower moved to Kathmandu, Nepal. He spent the next eight years writing, interviewing Buddhist leaders and adventuring in the Himalayas. He enjoyed his time in Nepal so much that Andrew became the first foreigner to teach the Nepali language at Kathmandu University, co-authoring the Nepali grammar textbook they now use in schools.

Inspired by his experiences in Nepal, Krakower wrote the short film, Yarne.

Yarne is a story about two child monks whose friendship is tested by money they have to share. Yarne is how Andrew and I connected. He was showing it at the Austin Film Festival this past October, and as you know I did some coverage of #AFF26. Andrew and I were able to sit down for a longer interview and boy was it worth it.

In this conversation, we talk talk about the challenges of being a filmmaker (but Andrew notes that he loves a challenge). We talk about loving what you do and putting yourself into each project 100%.

Andrew shares his spirit of adventure and we talk about Hemingway as a writer/explorer role model. Andrew talks about moving to Nepal with his fiancée and how much he fell in love with it. And then, Andrew shares a story of narrowly escaping death. Ah the ups and the downs!

You can support Andrew Krakower by watching his films, The Children’s War and Yarne.

Yarne will play next at the Santa Fe Film Festival!

Keep an eye out for his future work. Andrew’s creative journey has already been an amazing thing to watch and I can’t wait to see what happens next!


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(production notes: recorded at Soundcrafter Studios in Austin with my phone and lapel mics on 11/4/19)


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