Yes But Why ep 196 Diana Brown’s improv tenderness can cure what ails you!

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to San Francisco-based performer and producer, Diana Brown.

Diana Brown is a performer who appears in scripted as well as improvisational theatre. She is a teaching artist as well as the Director of Community at Leela Improv Theater Company. Diana is also a producer with Southern Railroad Theatre Company. In her spare time, Diana is also a voice actor, a playwright, a communications consultant, and an acting coach. 

In this conversation, Diana tells me about how she got started in improv in San Francisco in the late 80s and she paints the picture of the scene at that time.

Diana and I talk about our love of teaching. We discuss the magic of being a person’s first improv teacher. Diana tells me about her workshop, “Improv Triage” that she and Dan Wilson teach when they tour festivals. “Improv Triage” is a treatment lab for your improv challenges. They enjoy digging deep to help improvisers overcome their hangups.

We chat about the work that goes into maintaining a good improv duo relationship. Diana shares her love for her improv partner, Dan Wilson and the effortless way they work together. Diana and Dan perform together with their nationally touring improv comedy troupe, Bingewatch.

Bingewatch takes the shows you love and combines them to create an improvised pilot episode of a new show. (Love “The Good Place” and “Sesame Street”? You’ll love “The Fuzzy Place.”) Bingewatch recently sold out their show at San Francisco Sketchfest 2020.  

You can support Diana Brown by watching her troupe, Bingewatch perform! In their upcoming schedule, Bingewatch will appear at the Acme Comedy Theater in North Hollywood as guests of Rollin’ in Riches before heading to the 2020 Alaska State Improv Festival. There, in Alaska, Dan and Diana will also be offering their workshop, “Improv Triage” so festivalgoers, take note!


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(production notes: recorded phone call with Rodecaster at the home studio on 11/7/19)

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