Yes But Why ep 182 Filmmakers from the 26th annual Austin Film Festival!

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, we talk to eleven different filmmakers about their craft, their journey and their process. Listen in as they share stories from their experiences! And, since Austin Film Festival is still going on, you can check out all of these movies!

Austin Film Festival was an amazing adventure for me. Yes But Why was invited to join the press corps and I spent the better part of Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th doing interviews in and around the Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. I am excited to share them with you now!

MARK WILSON & CHRIS RETTS (start 00:00:57)

My first interview is with Mark Wilson and Chris Retts, the director and writer, respectively, of the film, Wade in the Water! They told me about how they have been working as a filmmaking team for 6 years and how they channel their creative flow to make movies together. Check out Wade in the Water tonight, Monday October 28th at 6:15pm at the Alamo Drafthouse Village.

GUILLAUME LEVIL (start 00:18:47)

Next up, I spoke with French screenwriter, Guillaume Levil. At the festival, Guillaume is presenting his uplifting short film, Running Naked in the Universe. In our chat, we talk about collaborative story development and the importance of making connections at festivals. I had the opportunity to moderate the Q&A for his premiere and it went great! Check out the 2nd screening of Running Naked in the Universe on Wednesday October 30th at 7pm at the Galaxy Highland movie theater.

KATIE HYDE (start 00:53:22)

Our next interview is with Katie Hyde, the director/producer/DP of Indie City Films. Katie is a “Jane of all trades” and in our conversation, we talked about giving opportunities to those who need it and building a great creative community. Katie is at the festival, promoting and presenting her film, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Oh My God I Think It’s Over,” a peek behind-the-scenes of the final rehearsals before the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend series finale! The documentary already played at the festival but keep your eyes peeled for a hopeful future release from the CW!


ZOE WARD (start 01:14:00)

My next chat was with filmmaker, Zoe Ward. Zoe’s short film, Soft & Pink, was made as her MFA thesis presentation at UCLA. I was excited to talk to Zoe about writing and directing her movie as well as composing both of the film’s musical numbers.  I was also fortunate enough to moderate the Q&A for Zoe’s shorts program; Here, we discuss the theme of “good people doing bad things.” Your chance to see Soft & Pink is tonight, Monday October 28th at 6pm at the Galaxy Highland movie theater.


DREW ROSAS (start 01:40:47)

In my next interview, I chatted with filmmaker, Drew Rosas. Drew and his creative partner, Nick Sommer, have created a funny web series called Shangri-LA. Listen in as we chat about the magic of editing, doing PA work on commercials, and Drew’s newfound love of composing music. Check out the upcoming #AFF26 screening of Shangri-LA on Tuesday, October 29th at 3:45pm at the Rollins Theater or, go to the Shangri-LA website and watch the whole series at home!

PAR PAREKH (start 02:04:31)

The next conversation was a total surprise and I couldn’t be happier that I connected with him! Par Parekh is one of the most delightful people I have ever met. Par wrote, directed and acted in his short film, The Happy. He was sweet and funny in the interview and you’re going to love his stories! You can see Par’s short film, The Happy on Tuesday October 29th at 1pm at the Rollins Theater!


ZACH LAMPLUGH & BRIAN EMOND (start 02:26:35)

In this upcoming interview, I spoke with Zach Lamplugh and Brian Emond about their feature film, The VICE Guide to Bigfoot. I had moderated the Q&A for their premiere the night before and so we continued the conversation about the Atlanta comedy scene and about what it takes to put together a full length comedy movie like theirs. Go watch the 2nd screening of The VICE Guide to Bigfoot on Tuesday October 29th at 9:15pm at the Galaxy Highland movie theater!

ELENA WEINBERG (start 02:42:25)

Next up, I talk to Elena Weinberg of TurtleDove Films. Elena and her husband, Duncan Coe, made the feature film, A Room Full of Nothing. The movie premiered on Saturday night at the Austin Film Festival and I had the opportunity to host their Q & A! Elena and I sat down before the premiere to talk about learning Shakespeare, about creating project challenges for yourself to improve your skills and about finding your tribe. You still have a chance to see A Room Full of Nothing on Wednesday October 30th at 1:45pm at the Hideout Theater! (extra tidbit: Austin Improv scavenger hunt – one of our fine comedy institutions is a location in the movie! Tweet me at @YBYpodcast when you figure it out!)


MARISSA TANDON (start 03:03:21)

Our final interview is with podcaster, Marissa Tandon. An Austin Film Festival success story, Marissa entered a podcast script competition in 2017 and has since been producing and writing her own audio fiction podcast, Super Ordinary! Marissa is a great inspiration to me, as I have recently been very interested in writing an audio fiction podcast. She taught me a lot in this discussion! Listen in as we talk about developing new shows in her writers room, casting from the LA comedy scene and scratching the itch of creativity. Support Marissa by listening to her podcast, Super Ordinary on!

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