Yes But Why ep 181 Kenny Madison and an exploration of shows about shame.

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, Amy talks to Austin improviser Kenny Madison.

Kenny Madison is an improviser and improv coach from Oklahoma. Kenny currently performs improv all around Austin and he is beloved by every one of the theaters. 

Kenny also produces a podcast called Shame Watch, in which he and co-hosts review guilty pleasure movies!

We met at a busy hotel café to chat and the action underscores a really great conversation with Kenny about anxiety, shame, and the benign violation theory.

Kenny talks about his tumultuous trip to Austin improv. We discuss improv coaching and the benefits of emotional mapping. Kenny and Amy also geek out about Gene Roddenberry and Star Trek: The Next Generation. This was a delightful conversation!

Support Kenny by listening to his podcast, Shame Watch on iTunes! And if you are an Austin improviser, you should take advantage of Kenny’s great coaching skills!

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(production notes: recorded on Tascam with lapel mics at the Westin hotel at the Domain)

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