Yes But Why ep 183 Michael Monsour wants you to have a good life.

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to comedian and actor, Michael Monsour!


Michael Monsour is a hardworking and passionate comedian who currently produces the standup show, “A Comedy Show LA.” Before he moved to Los Angeles to act in movies and TV, I knew him from the standup circuit in Austin. Michael used to perform and produce shows at my theater five or so years ago. As you can hear, he is a kind soul, and so we kept in touch!

In this conversation, we talk about show promotion magic, insecurities and the gig economy. Michael shares stories about his experience on Richard Linklater’s “Everybody Wants Some!!” We talk about the celebrity impressions we both did for our parents when we were kids.

We discuss the importance of making connections and maintaining a good attitude. There is also a #Nebraska tangent that happens suddenly and just as quickly fades away! We had fun. Enjoy!

Support Michael Monsour by attending his monthly standup show, “A Comedy Show LA”!

You can also see Michael play a fun and wild character in HBO’s The Righteous Gemstones!



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(production notes: recorded phone call with Rodecaster on 9/13/19)

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