Yes But Why ep 184 Rachel Jackson has a fiery passion for performing!

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to Scottish actress and standup comic, Rachel Jackson! 

Rachel Jackson is an up-and-coming actress and standup comic from Scotland. She is currently touring the UK and Europe doing her new show, Slutty Little Goldfish. Rachel very recently won the Herald Scottish Culture Award: ‘One To Watch’ 2019! Starting on November 22nd, you can also see Rachel acting on television in the BBC Scotland comedy show, The State Of It.

Rachel Jackson wins at the Herald Scottish Culture Awards

I happened upon Rachel’s comedy when I saw a clip of her on Twitter. A joke from this set at the Comedy Underground had gone viral and it had to do with my total favorite, The Rock. And she said yes to talking to me, you guys, cause here it is.  

In our conversation, Rachel shares the moment she felt her calling to be a performer and all the uphill battles that followed. Rachel is an actress with a positive outlook – she loves the travel that comes with standup and she loves working on films!

red carpet at BAFTA Scotland

We chat about theater snobs and cancel culture but then it gets much happier when Rachel tells me all about her crush on Skeet Ulrich from Scream. We had a delightful chat and I hope you enjoy it!

Support Rachel by following her on social media and consuming her comedy in whatever way you can get it in the country you live! If you’re lucky enough to catch The State Of it next week, do so! And go see Rachel do standup if/when she comes to your town!


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(production notes: recorded Skype call with Rodecaster on 9/13/19)

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