Yes But Why ep 185 Traci Shannon wants you to embrace that you are a star.

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to writer Traci Shannon of the “A Star In My Own Universe” blog.

Traci Shannon has been writing the blog, “A Star In My Own Universe” for the past ten years. There, she calls herself “a slightly weird, very sentimental, out-of-work actress in love with her husband and two kids.” She writes articles on being a woman and being a mom and she also does interviews!

Fans of the podcast will enjoy that this episode starts with me telling Traci about my 18 year theory. In our conversation, Traci told me about the various people she has been in her life. She muses about her experience getting an MFA in Acting. We giggle about the movie, Sliding Doors. We talk about the tough times. We bond about both being moms. Traci and I go deep talking about dealing with failure. We discuss creativity and the heart of imagination.

Support Traci by reading her blog, “A Star In My Own Universe” available at !


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(production notes: recorded phone call with Rodecaster on 9/24/19)

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