Yes But Why ep 186 E.C. Myers on the joy and collaboration of Serial Box’s “Orphan Black: The Next Chapter.”

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to sci fi/ fantasy writer, E.C. Myers.

photo credit: Ellen B. Wright

E.C. Myers is the author of six young adult (YA) novels: Fair Coin, Quantum Coin, The Silence of Six, Against All Silence, RWBY: After the Fall, and RWBY: Before the Dawn (forthcoming). E.C. has also recently collaborated with the awesome new reading app, Serial Box on Orphan Black: The Next Chapter and Alternis. Serial Box blends together the best of series television and the convenience of ebooks and audiobooks to bring readers a new form of storytelling. Plus, more Orphan Black?? Yes please!

In this conversation, we talk about E.C.’s experience in the Serial Box writers room and how exciting it is to develop new work this way. We talk about the formative experience he had at the Clarion West Writers Workshop. E.C. shares his advice on being persistent if you want to write professionally. We discuss the fun times he had touring conventions like Reader Con and Dragon Con when he was promoting his recent book, RWBY: After the Fall. I am hugely impressed by E.C.’s work ethic and his upbeat attitude! This is a great interview for new writers!

Support E.C. Myers by downloading the Serial Box app and listening to (or reading) Orphan Black: The Next Chapter and Alternis! (Did I mention the Orphan Black audio is read by Tatiana Maslany??)

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(production notes: recorded phone call with Rodecaster on 10/9/19)

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