Yes But Why ep 189 Singer-songwriter Daisy O’Connor is a brave advocate for you living your best life!

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to singer-songwriter Daisy O’Connor.

Daisy O’Connor is an Austin indie rock musician who tours the country regularly. Daisy’s music style mixes folk, Americana and country influences with psychedelic rock and pop. She is sweet and caring and I’m glad we are friends. We met in the improv community of Austin and so we have warm fuzzies for each other because of our Yes And beginnings.

This conversation takes place in a library and so we talked in hushed tones. We might be talking quietly but the topics are still BIG. In this interview, we talk about activism, loneliness and teen angst. Daisy shares her experiences of her conservative Christian upbringing in Washington state. We discuss the intensity of the social work she did at domestic violence shelters while she was in college.

Daisy tells us how she got into music and how she fell in love with the Austin music community when she got here. I love Daisy and I was glad to sit down and connect with her.

Support Daisy O’Connor by contributing to her Patreon! You can also buy and share Daisy’s albums on such sites as bandcamp and Spotify. See Daisy perform in her holiday show with her band at Geraldine’s in Austin on Tuesday December 17th!

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(production notes: recorded in person at Ruiz Library on 10/7/19)


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