Yes But Why ep 190 Psychologist Ronald Harvey on breaking through cultural boundaries with improv!

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to improviser and community psychologist, Ronald Harvey 

Ronald Harvey is a professor of Psychology at the American University in Bulgaria. He is also the faculty co-sponsor for the student improv troupe, the 1st English language improv club in the Balkans.

This is the 3rd conversation that Ronald and I have had about improv. Unfortunately, technology has twice lost the recordings. Thankfully, Ronald is a kind and understanding man who rescheduled with me and had 3 different conversations with me. We talk about his improv journey and how he has used it in his career as a psychologist.

In this conversation, we discuss that Ronald’s love of improv started in the 1990s at the iO theater in Chicago, where he saw the very first Armando Diaz Experience (WHOA). He also mentions that he uses the “Failure Bow” exercise with his improv students and that he learned it at The Hideout Theatre in Austin when he came one summer for their intensive.

decent freaks

Ronald grew up in America and he is currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria; his perspective on the international improv community is fascinating. Ronald and I chat about embracing failure, building trust and developing empathy. This is an amazing conversation about building communities and breaking through cultural boundaries. Tune in!

Support Ronald Harvey by watching him at one of many international improv festivals! He and Moscow-based improv pal, Frances perform a duo troupe called Decent Freaks. Check them out if you can!


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(production notes: recorded international Skype call with Rodecaster on 10/12/19 )

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