Yes But Why ep 188 Chloe and Lane Ingram on inside jokes and funny voices as the key to a healthy marriage!

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to improv performers, Chloe and Lane Ingram.

Chloe and Lane Ingram are Austin-based improv and sketch comedians.  Together they perform in a sketch comedy duo called Chlane and they produce the podcast, “Yeah But Are You Happy?”

In this conversation, we talk about being married and how the comedy they do is the glue of their relationship. They tell the story of how they connected through their mutual love of The Simpsons.

We talk about the leap they took to start taking improv classes together. They share the amazing journey they had learning from such improv conservatories as Four Day Weekend in Fort Worth, IO and Second City in Chicago and Dallas Comedy House in Dallas. We talk about how they found an open and kind improv community here in Austin. Chloe and Lane discuss the joy of working together on Chlane shows.

Support Chloe and Lane Ingram by watching them perform as Chlane! They guest on varios variety shows around town and they will have a new show coming this spring of 2020. Also, check out their podcast, “Yeah But Are You Happy?” on Apple Podcasts!

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(production notes: recorded in person at their house with Rodecaster on 10/3/19)

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