YBY ep 320: Ti Malik Coleman and the many branches of his tree of creativity

This week on Yes But Why, I explore the world of artist Ti Malik Coleman.

Ti Malik ColemanTi Malik Coleman is a Baltimore based comedian, teacher, storyteller, improviser, and writer. A Black trans performer, he is dedicated to building spaces for black queer and trans folks to come together and share stories as a mechanism of healing and celebration. Ti Malik tells stories to heal, gather and entertain.

Ti Malik is an experienced and sought-after Improv teacher and coach. He has taught core and advanced classes with Baltimore Improv Group and Maryland Improv Group. He is a frequent guest instructor for Bad Dog Theater, winning Favorite Guest Instructor in 2020. He started teaching improv in 2015 with the Baltimore Improv teacher training program, and since then has taught over 50 classes and workshops. He was a founding member of an all-Black improv group, Casually Dope, and has been featured as a performer and teacher at improv festivals in Toronto, Chicago, New York, DC, and Philadelphia.  Ti Malik Coleman

As a community artist, Ti Malik teaches students and organizations how to use art to facilitate change. He has led Applied Improv workshops and series in a variety of corporate settings. Applied Improv uses the foundations, concepts and exercises used in improvisational comedy and applies them to business, relationships, healing, and life.  

Ti Malik’s deepest love is working with young people, he has taught improv in many schools and works with organizations to bring improv to youth of all access levels. As a youth organizer and facilitator, Ti Malik created the first youth team at Baltimore Improv Group, he previously served as a site manager for Creative Alliance After School, and he is currently a teaching artist with Arts for Learning Maryland. “Coach Ti” teaches improvisational comedy and theater to all ages. As an arts integration specialist, he uses theater and improv as a vehicle to academic success, in particular ELA and math.

In our conversation, Ti Malik shared with me the metaphorical branches of his creative tree: improv, storytelling, community building, teaching, connecting.

First, we talked about the divinity in creativity. We laughed about the Artist’s Way and how we haven’t quite finished it yet! LOL. Ti Malik shared the meditative state of melting into a character. We discussed acting for a bit.

Then Ti Malik explained his experience of falling in love with improv. And he mentioned that his plan B to being an artist was to become President.! Thankfully for us, his intelligence and ability to juggle many projects was instead better invested into the arts world.

Ti Malik told me about the amazing arts organizations he was a part of in Baltimore: Baltimore Improv Group, Creative Alliance, Arts for Learning Maryland. These groups gave him a place to showcase his talents while helping his community. I think that it’s absolutely great that the city of Baltimore has so many artistic opportunities!

We mused about the never-ending process of getting to know ourselves. Ti Malik credited his artistic community and friends for helping him to become more himself. This was a really lovely, warm episode and I hope you all enjoy it!

Support Ti Malik Coleman by hiring him to teach at your school or workplace! Check out ticoleman.com to get connected!


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 7/13/2022; posted on 8/29/2022)


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