YBY ep 298: The magic of Natalie Grigson’s determination and imagination.

This week on Yes But Why, I chat with author, artist and facilitator, Natalie Grigson.

author artist facilitator Natalie GrigsonNatalie Grigson was born and raised in Austin, Texas. She is the author of seven books, including the bestselling Peter Able series. Natalie is a facilitator both in-person and online. She teaches connection-focused improv (in-person), creative writing (online), and art classes for both adults and teens (in-person). She has also been writing and editing professionally for the past decade.author artist facilitator Natalie Grigson

Natalie is also my fiction writing teacher and she has been my writing coach for the past year on a YA novel that I am in the middle of. #accountability So I’ve known her for quite a while but we’ve never had such a long one-on-one talk. Get ready for a lot of silly. It was great to get to know Natalie in this way.author artist facilitator Natalie Grigson

She tells me about how she got her literary agents and lots of good juicy advice for writers who want to publish their work right now. Natalie has some great insight on how to publish and promote your work.

author artist facilitator Natalie GrigsonNatalie tells me about her Peter Able series and all the magical fun involved with that story. And she also talks to me about her books for kids on mindfulness (“Just Call Me Is”) and body positivity (“Call Me Perfect”), which she wrote and illustrated herself!

Natalie Grigson is such a multi-talented artist!

We talk about building a freelance career working as a copywriter, an editor, and a content producer. We get into quite a discussion about confidence versus stubborn determination when it comes to propelling yourself forward in your career. We finally get to bottom of why I believe Natalie spends all her leisure time on yachts in Lady Bird Lake.

author artist facilitator Natalie Grigson

To learn more about the amazing Natalie Grigson, go to www.NatalieGrigson.com.

If you are in Austin and you want to support Natalie, she will be teaching an in-person (outdoor Covid-cautious) level 1, six-week improv class coming up in a couple of weeks. It is like a level one improv class, but slightly more focused on connection. https://nataliegrigson.com/improv-classes/

author artist facilitator Natalie Grigson

If you are not in Austin and you want to support Natalie, feel free to hire her to write, edit, illustrate, or make art for you! Contact her here: https://nataliegrigson.com/contact/

To stay up to date on Natalie’s writing, art, and upcoming classes, follow her on Facebook or Instagram. To see Natalie retweet a dog photo every full moon, follow her on Twitter.


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(production notes: recorded via ZOOM on 1/15/2022…posted on 1/17/2022)

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