YBY ep 299: The Mayor of Improv Mark Turpin talks about magic, laughter, and friendship!

This week on Yes But Why, I talk to the “Mayor of Improv,” Mark Turpin.

Mark TurpinMark Turpin is an improviser originally from Manchester and now based in Liverpool in the UK. Mark earned the moniker “Mayor of Improv” for the support he gives to his fellow improvisers in the global Improv Community. Mark has taken online workshops and courses with top improvisers from all over the world, such as Jay Sukow, David Escobedo, Michelle Gilliam, Will Hines and Stephanie Rae.Liverpool Comedy Improv

At home in the UK, Mark is a member of Liverpool Comedy Improv. He performs with the Oickers Improv Comedy Troupe, a group that met online through Zoomprov at the suggestion of Liverpool Comedy Improv instructor, Emma Bird. Mark has also been a guest on the Liverpool Comedy ImprovCast with Iain Luke Jones.Oickers Improv Comedy Troupe

A self-professed introvert, Mark wasn’t exactly looking to be a performer but with his “can do” attitude, he decided to try out an improv drop in class in Manchester. Swept away by the magic of creating things on the spot as well as the joy and the laughter, Mark decided improv was definitely something he wanted to do again and again.

Oickers Improv Comedy TroupeIn our conversation, Mark tells me how improv has helped him to do better work presentations. We talk about the effort that goes into performing and how sometimes taking time away from improv is important selfcare.  

Mark tells me about his current improv home at Liverpool Comedy Improv and how much he has learned from his instructors as well as from fellow students.

Mark Turpin

Mark has made some great friends from all over the world with improv. We talk about how great it is to make connections with other improvisers in the global Improv Community.

Support Mark Turpin by following the Oickers Improv Comedy Troupe on Facebook and keeping an eye out for their online shows!



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(production notes: recorded via ZOOM on 1/19/2022…posted on 1/24/2022)



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