YBY ep 297: Chris Green creates fun content for his own little corner of the internet!

This week on Yes But Why, I chatted with podcaster, Chris Green. Known as “Toph” in his role of host/producer for multiple podcasts, Chris Green builds each podcasting project until it inspires another. “My podcast projects are basically a set of Russian nesting dolls,” he said to me.  

Chris Toph Green GravityBeard PodcastToph started by creating Gravity Beard, a successful podcast variety show that featured lots of different segments. Some turned into other projects like pop culture podcast, This Week Today and sports show, Armchair Radio.Chris Toph Green GravityBeard Podcast

Other segments inspired Toph to do community building with his listeners. Gravity Beard Interns is a fun Facebook group, filled with fans of the show that get to contribute to future episodes of shows like Three Room Apartment.  Then, there’s Gravity Beard Inc, which is one of those fun roleplaying groups in which we all pretend we work at this startup called GBI. We have a good time.  I connected with Toph first through these groups and then to his podcast and I think that says a lot about marketing efforts for podcasters. Toph not only creates lots of different podcasting projects (and organizes them and maintains them); he has also built a strong and supportive community from all over the world who come together for a good laugh in an uncertain world.Chris Toph Green This Week Today

When I asked Toph to send me a bio, he told me he was just a “low level comedy nerd,” but he is so much more than that. He finished the improv curriculum at Dallas Comedy House just as the pandemic hit so he took his comedy training online like we all did. But he didn’t just create content (though to be fair, Toph and team create a MOUNTAIN of content on a weekly basis); he is the leader of online communities, the organizer of fun photo/meme projects, the arbiter of hilarious arguments over the worst donut of all time. His work online kept so many of us feeling connected and normal when the world went wonky. And still, Toph is constantly making new projects all the time!

Chris Toph Green GravityBeard PodcastIn our conversation, we talk about confidence and how that can keep us distant from feeling good about our artistic accomplishments. Toph tells me about how a real estate slump and a documentary idea set the ball rolling for him to embrace his creative side.

Toph tells me about his podcasting workflow and what it’s like balancing his real estate job and his multiple podcasts with his house full of kids. Listen in as we chat about The Parking Lot movie, Dallas Comedy House, and Johnny Carson!


Support Chris Green (aka “Toph”) by listening to any or all of his podcasts:

This Week Today – https://podfixnetwork.com/this-week-today/

Armchair Radio – https://podfixnetwork.com/armchair-radio/ 

Staff Meetings https://redcircle.com/shows/staff-meetings

Three Room Apartment – https://redcircle.com/shows/three-room-apartment

And the OG, which has ended but is still up so you can listen: GravityBeard (June 2016 – August 2020) http://www.gravitybeard.com/ 

Follow Chris Green on Twitter, or via Facebook and I’m sure there are 6 more podcasts started that I don’t have because bro is just always creating new stuff. 


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(production notes: recorded via ZOOM on 12/16/2021…posted on 1/10/2022)

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