YBY ep 309: Rhiannon Jenkins on teaching improv with an open, caring heart.

This week on Yes But Why, I had the pleasure of chatting with UK-based improviser/director/teacher, Rhiannon Jenkins.

Rhiannon Jenkins is an actor, an improviser, a singer, a facilitator, a teacher, and a director. During lockdown, Rhiannon directed The Love Circle, Loose Seuss, and Between the Lines at the Hideout Theatre, and continues to teach online. She performed in Scene and Unseen by Across the Pond as part of The World of Improv, with Eggplant Improv at District Queer Comedy Festival, in A Culinary Journey at The Nursery Theatre, and in A Holly Jolly Journey for The Hideout Theatre.

Rhiannon recently performed and taught several workshops at the Boom Chicago comedy festival. She has also recently performed at Vancouver Improv Festival and at ImprovFest Ireland. She hosts a virtual Death Cafe for Performers, and recently completed Level One End of Life Doula Training with Doulagivers. She will be attending SWIMP and Improfest Sweden as a teacher and performer, with Living. Dying. Dead.

In our conversation, Rhiannon and I talked for a long time about all the things she thought she should do before finally realizing that she wanted to be part of the theatrical world. She shares quite a few wild adventure stories along this journey. She tells me the wonderful tale of how she stumbled into musical theater by accident. Kismet.

We talk about how Rhiannon is working toward a move to the US. She spoke to me from San Francisco where she had recently been roped into giving a speech at a women’s rights protest. Her improv skills came in handy at that moment for sure.

We talk about building community and doing improv as outreach. Rhiannon is a caring and empathetic person and the improv world is lucky to have her wherever she lives.  We had a great time talking and I definitely could have talked to her for many more hours!

Support Rhiannon Jenkins by taking one of her upcoming workshops – online or in person! Check out her website for more details:  https://www.rhiannonjenkins.net/teaching

Rhiannon is also booked to teach at SWIMP festival in Upsalla in May, and at Improfest Sweden in Gothenburg in July so if you are attending these festivals, sign up now to join Rhiannon’s workshops!



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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 2/24/2022; posted on 4/4/2022)

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