YBY ep 310: Bria Landry on the chaos and the joy of nurturing a creative community

This week on Yes But Why, I connected with creative mentor and entrepreneur, Bria Landry.

Currently based in the Houston area, Bria Landry is a theater teacher, director, and creative mentor. Her company, Off The Wall Media and Entertainment, started as a small town youth theater and has since grown into Houston’s must have media source.

Over the course of more than 30 years, Bria Landry has gained professional experience both on and off the stage. Theatre is the foundation for her creative expression, and she created Off the Wall as a refuge for creative kids like herself. Bria and her company produce shows online and in person.

Through avenues such as her weekly talk show OTW Nights Live, her children’s network OTW Kids, and her various live events and productions, Bria Landry creates opportunities for her creative tribe to express themselves and share their story. Bria also founded OTW Work and Play Café, which served as a creative space and hub for budding entrepreneurs and artists.

In our conversation, we talked about being drawn to the “not so normal” freelance lifestyle. Bria told me about her need to nurture and the different forms that it has taken in her life: from doula to ambulance driver to creative life coach.

Bria told me how she grew up in the theater and felt most comfortable there. She said that when she was choosing a career, however, she “did the right thing” and went to medical school. Despite her natural inclination to take care of people, she eventually realized that being a doctor wasn’t the right path for her.

Bria shared how she started Off the Wall Media and Entertainment and how it has evolved over the years. She noted how theater has taught her to roll with the punches and keep moving even when things don’t go the way you expect.

We talk about loving and embracing the chaos.

We had a great chat about finding and embracing your own creative gifts. I felt a very kindred spirit to Bria. She’s a go getter for her own artistic ambitions while also encouraging other creatives in her community to fulfill their dreams. We should all be so lucky as to have the sponsorship of Bria Landry.

Support Bria Landry by checking out the Off the Wall Media and Entertainment youtube channel. And if you are in the Houston area and your kiddo wants to get involved with fun theater this summer, contact her at the theater for info on upcoming classes and productions!



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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 2/28/2022; posted on 4/11/2022)

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