YBY ep 308: Jonathan Flanders pushes past anxiety to live his creative dream!

This week on Yes But Why, I chatted with Austin actor and writer, Jonathan Flanders.

Jonathan Flanders is an award winning actor and writer. Acting professionally for over a decade, he is signed with Collier Talent Agency in the Southeast market and Bankston Talent out of the New Mexico and LA markets. He studies his acting craft under acting coach. Paula Russell. Jonathan helped create and perform the Unemployed Wine Guy, as seen on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. He can be seen soon on HBO’s Love and Death as Officer Stimson.

In our conversation, Jonathan paid homage to his beloved acting coach, Paula Russell. We talked about all the benefits he has reaped from acting classes with her, from finding the moment to getting in touch with emotions.

We talked about Jonathan’s innate connection to performing. He told me the story of five year old Jonathan improvising a scene with his bowl and utensils. And yet, it wasn’t until after Jonathan survived major surgery that he decided to commit himself to a career in acting.

We discussed anxiety and therapy. We talked about the cathartic nature of telling stories. We go down a rabbit hole about storytelling as a universal experience, starting with the first cave drawings. We talk about writing jokes and screenplays and how much fun we have in the writers group we are in together!

Support Jonathan Flanders by checking out his web series about the Unemployed Wine Guy at unemployedwineguy.com. And keep your eyes peeled for Jonathan as “Officer Stimson” in the HBO series, Love and Death.  


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 2/21/2022; posted on 3/28/2022)


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