YBY ep 307: Improviser Whit Shiller on curiosity, connection, and Fish Sticks Comedy.

This week on Yes But Why, listen in as I chat with improviser, instructor and communicator, Whit Shiller.

Based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Whit Shiller began his 20+ year career in improv at ComedySportz. He later co-founded Fish Sticks Comedy in 2007 and has been performing and producing shows with his company ever since.  Fish Sticks Comedy connected with improv scenes all over the country and now has local troupes in Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, and Milwaukee. The cities perform separately or as one large national team. Fish Sticks Comedy

Through Fish Sticks Comedy, Whit and his team seek to honor and uplift their audiences and use improv as a tool for authentic, positive connection. This curiosity about improv led him to develop and host the Improv Comedy Connection podcast, a show which seeks to explore how to connect more deeply with our fellow players as well as our audiences through humorous communication.

In our conversation, Whit and I talk a lot about making connections – with friends, with businesses, and with audiences. Whit shares with me one of his secrets for getting in tune with an audience and it is a valuable lesson! We chat about connection over content and how sometimes (most of the time) the easy laugh is not the best one to get.

We discuss curiosity as the key to understanding life. We talk about getting to know our scene partners and our audience members. Whit points out that “a common thing in life is feeling like you’re on the outside” and how improv can make you feel a part of something bigger.

Support Whit Shiller by checking out Fish Sticks Comedy in whichever city is closest to you! (Mine’s Dallas!) And you can also listen to Whit’s podcast, Improv Comedy Connection!


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 2/14/2022; posted on 3/21/2022)

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