YBY ep 263: Kit Brooks on creativity, identity and the way we learn.

This week on Yes But Why, I interview Austin improviser, Kit Brooks.

kit brooks smiling face Kit Brooks is an Educator & Theatre Artist with a passion for inclusion. Kit has performed in many shows at Austin improv theaters, both on the stage in the before times and in the improv Zoom shows that are the norm these days.  Kit teaches improv classes to neurodiverse students through The Hideout’s Building Connections program. Kit is also an aerial dancer and an education researcher with a Masters Degree in Learning Sciences.

Creativity permeates Kit’s soul. We connected in an improv group on Facebook (because where else do people meet anymore) and Kit’s enthusiasm and support for the global improv community drew me to them. We had a great time chatting about our creative goals.kit onstage performing improv

In our conversation, we talk about Kit’s lifelong dedication to being an educator and all the research done in service of that mission. We talk about Kit’s deep study into how creativity and identity affect how we learn and how that rabbit hole led them to finding improv. Kit’s breadth of knowledge on the way we learn and process information was fascinating. A great listen!kit brooks zoom improv

Kit just finished up the first semester of their 2nd (!) Master’s degree while also working full-time so you can support Kit by telling them how freaking amazing they are next time you see them. Or, you can watch Kit perform improv next time they feature on The Hideout’s Twitch channel!


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via wavpad on 4/5/2021…posted on 5/17/2021)


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