YBY ep 264: Roberto Lewis on exploring improv skills and philosophies.

This week on Yes But Why, I had the pleasure of talking to Roberto Lewis.

roberto lewisRoberto Lewis is a writer and improviser from San Jose, CA. He performs improv with ACME Theater’s “Pick-Up Game” and in Impro Theatre’s “Rom Com Improvised.” Roberto can be seen on Ripley Improv’s “Heartbeats,” an improvised medical drama, available now on YouTube. Roberto also writes and performs for the sketch group, “The Bizness.”Roberto improvising onstage

From the stories he tells, Roberto has been a voracious learner since he was a little bookish kid. In our conversation, we talk about his journey to develop the skills of improv. Roberto and I chat about how there are a thousand (probably more) different ways to look at improv.

After Groupon lured him to that first improv class, Roberto was hooked. He soaked up all of the improv theory that his corner of Los Angeles offered. Roberto was performing and taking classes all over town. And then later, when he moved to Tokyo and met past YBY guests Mike Staffa and Christiane Brew, he started teaching improv as well as performing. Roberto’s craft is ever evolving because he is always sharpening his skills.Roberto improvising onstage

I had such a great conversation with Roberto. There are so many fun improv rabbit holes in our chat. We talk about improvised Shakespeare, the history of improv, and the perfect 3rd beat. Tune in!

Support Roberto Lewis by watching episodes of “Heartbeats” on YouTube!

You can also watch Roberto perform in “RomCom Improvised,” on the Impro Theatre Twitch channel. Two shows left! Sat 5/29 at 9:30pm PST and Sun 5/30 at 4:30pm PST


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 4/8/2021…posted on 5/24/2021)

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