YBY ep 280 Amanda Buckley: Dramatic since birth!

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, I am delighted to present my conversation with Australian improviser, Amanda Buckley.

Amanda Buckley The_Big_HOO_HAA_Melbourne_credit_Mark_Gambino

photo credit: Mark Gambino

Amanda Buckley is an actor, improviser, voice over artist and teacher. She has been performing for over 20 years for theatre, corporate and festival audiences both in Australia and overseas. Amanda most recently has appeared in a series of sketches for Channel 10’s The Project and will next appear in the upcoming miniseries Fires, for ABC TV.

Amanda has trained, performed, and taught in Australia with Impro Australia, Impro Melbourne, Improv Theatre Sydney, The Big Hoo Haa Melbourne, Impromptunes and Spark! Alongside Jamie Burgess, she created the Musical Improvisation Intensive Workshop – The Musical Toolkit, which they have led across Australia and New Zealand.Amanda Buckley

In our conversation, we talk about the ups and downs of being loud and delightful. We chuckle about both being loud, brash, and obsessed with theater. Amanda tells me about the draw of the theater and how she started taking serious acting classes while still in high school.

Amanda shares her improv beginnings at Impro Australia. We talk about how she got into teaching improv and the joy it brings. Amanda tells me how she met her husband at an improv festival!! And we talk about how we were both at the Del Close Marathon in NYC in 2010 and how sad we are that we didn’t cross paths then!Amanda Buckley

Amanda Buckley

Amanda is a flexible and adaptable performer. We talk about the voiceover and content creation work that has helped fill her time since the covid shutdowns. Amanda also chats about the sketch show that she has been working on that hopefully they’ll be able to debut sometime in the new year!!

Support Amanda by keeping an eye out for classes at Impro Melbourne, where she currently teaches. As soon as she can, Amanda wants to be teaching in person classes again!  Also, check out the sketches she’s acting in for Channel 10’s The Project!


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 9/2/2021…posted on 9/13/2021)



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