YBY ep 281: Ivy Le and the road to making “FOGO: Fear of Going Outside: a nature show by the most reluctant host ever”.

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, we are featuring comedian and podcaster, Ivy Le.

Ivy Le host FOGO: Fear of Going OutsideIvy Le is a Vietnamese American comedian and writer based in Austin, Texas. Ivy has performed at Bedpost Confessions, Coldtowne Theatre, the Decatur Book Festival, Kollaboration, and more!

Ivy is the host and creator of the Spotify podcast, “FOGO: Fear of Going Outside: a nature show by the most reluctant host ever”.

Ivy was selected to be one of the 10 out of 18,000 applicants to go through Spotify’s first SoundUp podcast accelerator for women of color. She is also widely published as a reporter, a poet, and an advocate on immigration and civil rights issues. 

In our conversation, I talk to Ivy about what motivates her as an artist. She tells me she is obsessed with language and that makes so much sense. Ivy is pretty much always writing!Ivy Le host FOGO: Fear of Going Outside

We talk about money and how that can be a barrier to entry for creative aspirations. Not everyone can just go out and take acting classes or dance lessons. But “you don’t need to have money to become a great writer,” she says. I love how Ivy so confidently and efficiently knocks down every obstacle in her way. Ivy currently writes in all the work she does – podcasting, public relations, journalism, comedy!

Ivy Le host FOGO PodcastIvy tells me about the Diversity Initiative that gave her the push to start her podcasting project. We discuss current day gatekeeping and the lack of opportunities for women of color in creative fields. Despite the uphill battle, Ivy gushes about what a great and supportive community she made connecting with the other women from the Spotify SoundUp podcast accelerator. She really makes the most out of every adventure she has.

Speaking of adventure, Ivy tells me about how her love of nature shows inspired her to create her podcast, FOGO: Fear of Going Outside.” She talks about raising the money with Kickstarter and the dedication it requires to connect with the fans even before the project is made. She is an expert at marketing though, so FOGO podcast is loved by indoor people and outdoor people alike!

Support Ivy Le by listening to her podcast, “FOGO: Fear of Going Outside” on Spotify TODAY! All episodes of Season 1 are currently available!

You can also support Ivy’s continuous artistic growth by booking her to perform stand-up comedy in your next show OR by hiring her to act in your movie! She is seeking representation as a writer, a comic, and an actress.


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 9/10/2021…posted on 9/20/2021)

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