Yes But Why ep 174 Aree Witoelar is always prepared to talk about improv!

This week’s episode of Yes But Why features Norway-based improviser and scientist, Aree Witoelar!

improviser, scientist, NorwayAree Witoelar is the founder and artistic director of Impro Neuf International – Oslo, Norway’s first English-speaking improv comedy theater. Aree is also a neuroscience teacher at the University of Oslo.

Oslo, Norway, Improv, Improv, festival

Aree hosting at the Oslo Impro Festival

Aree is part of the team that runs the Oslo Impro Festival. He performs with The Improv Speakeasy and other fun improv projects as well as touring Denmark, Canada, Romania and the US. He also writes the improv blog, On Cloud Nine, where he chats about life, love and Impro Neuf.

In this interview, Aree tells the story of the journey of his improv discovery, from PhD student looking for fun to committed artist excited about teaching his craft! Aree tells Amy about how he balances his science academia life with his improv comedy life. Aree and Amy discuss multilingual improv shows and their effect on the audience. Aree shares his personal goal as a performer to work on doing more slow, grounded improv.

Oslo, Norway, Improv, Improv, festival

Aree performing with Thomas Mook at A Curious Improv Comedy Festival in the Night-Time

Support Aree by taking workshops with him whenever you can, or by watching him perform! You can also get involved in the Oslo impro Festival that is coming up October 29th through November 3rd!



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(production notes: recorded Skype call with the Rodecaster on 8/10/19)

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