Yes But Why ep 173 UCB teacher and performer Billy Merritt helps you harness your inner Pirate, Robot or Ninja!

This week’s episode of Yes But Why features UCB teacher and performer, Billy Merritt.

Billy Merritt has been with the UCB Theatre since it first opened in New York. He teaches and performs in both the New York and Los Angeles theaters. As a teacher, Billy has developed many improvised longform shows. Billy is also an actor on TV (Parks and Rec, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Another Period) and a voiceover artist (Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe).

In this interview, Billy talks about his love of comedy as a kid. Billy shares his journey as a performer looking for a community and all the odd rooms he found before UCB

Billy talks about when the original UCB crew first came to NYC to teach improv and how he loved the strict structure of the Harold. In this conversation, Amy asks about the “UCB method” and Billy debunks quite a few misconceptions! Listen in for a great discussion on improv education and the cycle of building a show.

Billy also shares how his UCB teachers Kevin Mullaney, Armando Diaz, and Amy Poehler inspired him to write the book, Pirate Robot Ninja: An Improv Fable. Billy discusses how he and co-writer Will Hines translated their lessons into a fun fable about improv.

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(production notes: recorded phone call with the Rodecaster on 8/7/19)

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