Yes But Why ep 159 Sam Ward wants to modernize the circus with his podcast!

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, listen in as our host Amy bonds with Grovetown, Georgia-based musician and podcaster Sam Ward, aka “Big Sam.” These two really hit it off and had a great discussion about life. This talk was really fun for both of them.

Sam Ward hosts and curates the BIG SAM PRESENTZ podcast. It’s an outlet for Sam to share stories about his life and to “modernize the circus” by living in the moment! In his podcast, Sam talks about being a musician, a father, a husband, and a disabled veteran as well as sharing his own weight loss journey. Sam is open and real and raw and his audience loves it!

Listen in as Sam shares his journey from troubled youth to touring drummer in a country band to musical community organizer. Sam is a really great guy and he has learned so much from all the ups and downs in his life and now he just wants to share them with his audience!

In this episode, Sam provides a great blueprint for creating your own business! Tune in for tips from Sam about team building, social media, and making a creative living.

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