Yes But Why ep 158 The journey of feeling comfortable onstage with Laura Doorneweerd and Kevin Miller!

In this week’s episode of Yes But Why Podcast, our host Amy chats with Amsterdam-based improv instructor Laura Doorneweerd and Austin-based improv instructor Kevin Miller. Kevin and Laura are friends from way back. When we sat down for this interview, Laura had just taught workshops at Hideout Theatre’s Improvised Play Festival and was about to kick off a world tour. Kevin was so excited to have his pal in town that he shared his interview time with her!

Kevin Miller is the current dean of the Merlin Works Institute of Improvisation at the ZACH Theatre in downtown Austin.

Laura Doorneweerd is an independent improv trainer and performer in The Netherlands and across the world. Both of these great friends are the leaders of the next generation of international improvisers!  

We kick off the discussion talking about how when we were little, we were performers at heart! Listen in as Laura and Kevin tell stories about bad relationships, traveling improviser adventures and the journey of feeling comfortable onstage! This is a really great interview with longtime improvisers sharing amazing life lessons! Stay tuned for the Torture Room format discussion! Enjoy.

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