Yes But Why ep 155 Project Woo Woo’s Lisa Orkin helps make the radio waves more fun!

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, Amy interviews standup comic, actress and podcaster, Lisa Orkin. Lisa is a voiceover artist as well as an actress in TV and film. She talks about how when she first started performing, she wanted to be a serious actress but people kept telling her she was too funny.  When she finally focused her sights on comedic roles, she got an agent and started working more often. Now she uses her ability to make people laugh to create hilarious commercials with her production company, Radio Ranch.  

In this episode, Lisa shares stories about terrible auditions, rude yoga teachers and (almost) making out with Peter O’Toole. Lisa has great stories and even better advice for any performer out there looking to go into acting, voiceover, or podcasting! If you are a podcaster local to Austin, you can meet Lisa at the Outlier Podcast Festival where she will speaking!

You can also hear Lisa weekly on her own podcast, Project Woo Woo, an unscripted interview show in which Lisa gets her actor and comedian friends to pretend to be famous spiritual leaders, philosophers and other important historical figures. Amy and Lisa talk at length about Lisa’s obsession with getting Jon Hamm as a guest on her podcast. Since he is an experienced improviser, he’d be a great candidate! Let’s make this happen for her!

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