Yes But Why ep 154 Missy Finnell loves filmmaking and she loves being a part of the process!

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, Amy interviews casting agent, Missy Finnell. Missy talks about her experience building her career at Donna Belajac Casting agency in Pittsburgh.

Missy studied cinematography and producing film in school but her education didn’t teach her the business part of film. In her working life, Missy has done casting and costuming and she has learned a lot more from her real world experiences. Listen in as she shares what it was like for her to cast her first film, Love and Other Drugs.

Missy shares with us a story about how an offhand comment from her father about movie credits inspired her to make film her full time career. Tune in for stories about graduating on ice, meeting crazy actors, and worrying like a millennial!

In this episode, Missy talks about how hard it was for her to take the leap into working in the film industry. She did it and you can too! For anyone local to Pittsburgh who is an actor looking to be cast in films, TV and digital series or, if you are interested in starting your journey to become an actor and want to take acting classes, check out the Donna Belajac Casting agency website

Also, check out the most recent movie that Missy and the Donna Belajac Casting team worked on, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? , coming to theaters soon!



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