Yes But Why ep 122 Talking to Chuy Zarate, Edi Patterson and Dan O’Connor is pure improv bliss!

Today’s episode is the final segment of Yes But Why’s showcase of Out of Bounds talent and it is yet again an amazing double feature! This week, we are presenting our chat with local Austin improv powerhouse Chuy Zarate followed by our great conversation with comedy power couple Edi Patterson and Dan O’Connor!

Amy had a great time talking to Chuy Zarate! They couldn’t believe they had never met each other before as they are clearly cousins (just look at that photo)! In this chat, Chuy talks about how his stubborn nature has kept him going in improv, how #representationmatters in all aspects of theater, and how to navigate an active performance schedule when you have kids.

Support Chuy’s show TONIGHT on the final night of Out of Bounds! An Evening With… With Tyler and Chuy Feat. Tosin — > Mon, Sep. 3rd, 8:00pm at the Hideout Theatre (Downstairs)


In our 2nd interview, Edi Patterson and Dan O’Connor tell Amy all about how they met when Edi was taking classes at the Hideout and Dan came into town to teach a workshop. Listen in to their fun trip down memory lane as well as their deep discussion of improv as a calling and a lifestyle. Oh and also, we got attacked by wasps during the interview! Enjoy!





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