YBY ep 261: Filmmaker Frankie Frain on telling stories and getting the job done!

This week on Yes But Why, I interviewed Frankie Frain, a writer, director, and producer based out of my home state, Massachusetts.

frankie frain film director cameraFrankie Frain is an award-winning filmmaker (Sexually Frank, Having Fun Up There), YouTube content creator, and head of Red Cow Entertainment. From narrative and documentary feature films to macaroni and cheese reviews, Frankie has told hundreds of stories, and you can expect a lot more.frankie frain filmmaker content creator festival

I had a great time talking to Frankie. He’s been making films since he was 12 years old. He’s got a great drive to get projects done and because of that, he’s amassed so many shows and podcasts and films. And you can tell he loves it.

Frankie tells me about being inspired by Trey Parker & Matt Stone’s movie, “Cannibal! the Musical” (a must see for South Park fans). We talk about technology, François Dompierre, and Lord of the Rings.

frankie frain nina szulewskiFrankie talks about his production company, Red Cow Entertainment, as his family and not just because his wife, Nina Szulewski, helps to make the content. They are a tight knit groups of filmmakers and they are churning out amazing stuff every week!

We talk about BoxMac, his wildly popular YouTube series that features he and his longtime collaborator, Jon Hunt (aka “Junt”) testing and reviewing mac and cheese brands.box mac junt

box mac junt jon hunt frankie frain dollsWe talk about the amazingly supportive fanbase for that show. One fan even made dolls of Frankie and Jon! So fun.

frankie frain filmmaker content creator editing

Frankie and I talking about our mutual interest in helping up and coming artists. He does a podcast called Discount Film School, which is interviews like this with filmmakers about their experiences. He even wrote a book about it! His book, “More Weight: The Making of Having Fun Up There and Other Filmmaking Tales” details his zero budget filmmaking approach (whoa), as well as his philosophies on distribution, film festivals, and new media.

red cow entertainment logo

Support Frankie Frain by watching anything and everything he makes. Check out Red Cow Entertainment at www.redcowentertainment.com for indie movies, cartoons, hilarious food ad movies reviews, podcasts, and more! To watch their weekly content as it comes out, follow Red Cow Entertainment on YouTube!

frankie frain filmmaker content creator festival

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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting with Rodecaster on 3/25/2021…posted on 5/3/2021)

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