Yes But Why ep 192 Feña Ortalli and the infinite inspiration of improvisation.

This week, Yes But Why Podcast talks to Feña Ortalli, an improv teacher and performer based out of Madrid, Spain.

Feña Ortalli has been obsessed with improvisational acting since the early 2000s. After the first impro show he saw in Buenos Aires, he studied Keith Johnstone books and youtube videos from the LIQ. Since 2001, Feña has taught and performed around the world in such countries as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Canada, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece and South Africa.

with troupe, “Sociedad de Buscadores de Historias”

In 2006, Feña created Global Impro, an improv troupe dedicated to national and international collaboration and exchange. He’s currently based in Madrid where he performs and teaches with Impromadrid and El Club de la Impro.

In this conversation, we talk about theater sports, physical comedy and making friends. Feña Ortalli shares stories about starting out in the impro community of Buenos Aires. Feña talks about being inspired by the international improv festival community and the breadth of different styles he has witnessed over the years.

at International Improv Festival Vienna 2019 with Laura Doorneweerd-Perry

Feña is the author of “Impro: Dynamics of the Unthinkable, a book that raises a series of ideas and concepts of improvisation explained through soccer analogies.

You can support Feña Ortalli by attending his shows in Madrid. You can also find Feña at Impro Amsterdam from Jan 25th to Feb 1st 2020. You should also subscribe to Feña’s magazine, Status, which focuses on the world of theatrical improvisation.


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(production notes: recorded international Skype call with Rodecaster on 10/20/19 )

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