Yes But Why ep 178 Jill Eickman & Steven J Burnett discuss improv as “yoga for the inner critic.”

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, Amy talks to San Francisco improvisers, Jill Eickman & Steven J Burnett. This interview happened when they brought their absurdist duo improv troupe, Magic, to Austin for the Out of Bounds festival.


Jill Eickman is the founder and artistic director of Leela Improv Theater Company in San Francisco, CA.  She is also a Producer/Board Member for The San Francisco Improv Festival and Founder/Executive Producer for Femprovisor Fest: SF’s all womxn’s improv festival.  Since 2003, Jill has directed hundreds of original improvisational theatre productions at Leela; and, in the training center, she has taught her signature style of improvisation to thousands of improvisers of all ages and walks of life. 

Steven J Burnett is the associate artistic director of Leela. Steven joined Leela in 2013 and was a founding member of Leela’s resident Harold Team, Sketchy Alley.  He plays regularly in many troupes but he especially loves playing in Magic with Jill.

In this episode, Jill and Steven talk about mindfulness and balance in the practice of improv. This was a deep dive into the minds of conscientious improv instructors. Jill, Steven and Amy chat about drama therapy, social activism, and inspiring mentors! We also giggle A LOT about selfcare and the wacky characters in our lives!

Support Jill Eickman & Steven J Burnett by taking classes and by watching shows at Leela in San Francisco! If you are not in San Francisco, that’s OK too. Watch videos of their shows and keep an eye out for when their troupe, Magic, might be touring to your town!


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(production notes: recorded with voice recorder app on my phone with additional help from tiny movo mic plugged into phone – at the University Hills Library in Austin on 8/30/19)

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