Yes But Why ep 176 Noel Dinneen tells stories of a life performing with friends!

This week on Yes But Why, Amy talks to New York City-based performer, Noel Dinneen.


Noel is currently co-host of the popular radio show “Get Rich Quick with Josh & Noel” on Radio Free Brooklyn. Amy and Noel knew each other in the early 2000s when they went to the same open mics: The O’Debra Twins “Show and Tell”, Faceboyz Open Mic, and Reverend Jen’s Anti-Slam.

In this interview, Noel shares his beginnings in improv at iO in Chicago in the mid 1990s. He reminisces how the landscape of improv comedy has changed over the years. 

Noel and Amy discuss New York City, Surf Reality, and the experimental performance scene they both played in. Noel tells stories about the experience of doing the play, Charlie Victor Romeo with Collective: Unconscious. Listen in as Noel talks about taking acting classes, doing the podcast, and finding his way as a storyteller.

Support Noel by listening to “Get Rich Quick with Josh & Noel” every Saturday night at 8pm on Radio Free Brooklyn or on the following week via Apple Podcasts!


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(production notes: recorded phone call with the Rodecaster on 8/14/19)

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