Yes But Why ep 168 We Are Thomasse and the positive impact of satirical sketch comedy.

This week’s Yes But Why episode is a superfun chat with British-American comedy couple, We Are Thomasse.

We Are Thomasse is a Los Angeles based sketch group made up of married couple Nick Afka Thomas (who is British) and Sarah Ann Masse (who is American). They perform live shows regularly in Los Angeles and around the world. Their show consists of fast-paced, character-driven sketches, often with a twist of their own perspective as a British-American couple. We Are Thomasse has also had viral success making comedy videos. So much so that Facebook approached them to be a part of a pilot program for independent creators. They accepted their offer and saw a significant increase in their fanbase!

In this episode, Amy talks to We Are Thomasse as they are hiding in a closet in Disneyland. It’s how all the coolest comedians are doing podcasts these days (no big deal).

Sarah and Nick talk about having confidence as a performer, writing satire for activism, and dealing with anger.  We also talk about We Are Thomasse’s dedication to having a positive impact on the world and the work they have done to that end. Listen in for the story of the craziest show they ever did… in a living room… in The Netherlands!

Support We Are Thomasse by watching all of their videos on Youtube! And if you ever have a chance to go see them,  you should experience the hilarity of We Are Thomasse in person!


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(production notes: recorded with Callbox app, 5/22/19, edited)

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