Yes But Why ep 166 Mei Makino is a visual storyteller who loves the craft of film!

This week’s Yes But Why episode showcases Austin-based filmmaker Mei Makino.

Mei is currently in production on Inbetween Girl, a feature film that she has written and will be directing and producing this summer! Mei is a graduate of the University of Texas RTF program and she has been working consistently in film since she graduated!

Amy and Mei recently connected at the Transform Film Fest where Mei was speaking on a panel about women in film!


In this episode, Mei tells Amy about her first film, a horror movie called “The Crittles” that she made on the family camcorder as a kid. We also talk about the “life-changing” Film Camp for Girls that she went to with Michelle Voss, the amazing internship she did at Apatow Productions, and the hard work she is doing right now with Creative Action to teach filmmaking to the next generation!

Support Mei Makino by seeing her feature film, Inbetween Girl, as soon as it is available to you AND by supporting all women in film!

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(production notes: recorded on 5/1/19 at Fallout Theater, edited)

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