Yes But Why ep 162 Shana Merlin empowers and inspires with her improv teachings!

This week’s Yes But Why episode features Shana Merlin, founder of Merlin Works improv conservatory in Austin, TX.

It is unbelievable that Amy and Shana never met before recording this episode! How could their paths not have crossed in the 10 years that Amy has lived in Austin? Amy was definitely star struck at the top of this interview but she chilled out and they become besties by the end.

In today’s chat, Shana Merlin talks about teaching improv to medical professionals, working on your presence onstage, and being a full time mom and theater owner. Amy is inspired by Shana’s entrepreneurship and she is jealous of Shana’s connections to Alan Alda. Listen in as Shana recounts stories from the beginnings of the Austin improv scene from “Monk’s Night Out” to “Girls Girls Girls.” 

Check out Shana’s upcoming performances and/or take classes with her right now at Merlin Works!


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