Yes But Why ep 153 Roya Hamadani is empowering women to speak their truth!

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, we chat with fiction writer and standup comedian Roya Hamadani. 

Roya shares with us how the end of a stifling relationship helped propel her into standup comedy in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. Roya currently co-hosts Stout Laughs, a twice monthly comedy open mic at the Bethlehem Brewworks, with the hope that she can provide a welcoming stage for performers who need it as much as she once did.

Roya is a great storyteller. She tells us about how she wrote a novel in the 5th grade, how the vibrant Bethlehem improv scene embraced her when she needed it most, and how she never stops learning. Tune in for wild tales of divorce, perfectionism and variety show madness.


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