Yes But Why ep 136 Christiane Brew is a delightful improviser who will improve your life!

This week, Yes But Why features improviser/teacher/actress/comedian/life coach/hacker, Christiane Brew. Originally from the UK, Christiane is currently living in Tokyo, performing improv with Tokyo Comedy Store and Pirates of Tokyo Bay as well as producing her own storytelling show, Perfect Liars Club!

From pantomiming as a kid in the UK to coaching improv troupes in India to teaching female empowerment in Japan, Christiane has been performing every day of her life thus far and she doesn’t intend to stop any time soon. In fact, we’re pretty sure she is currently at the Improvention festival in Canberra, Australia. That’s how much of a passionate world traveling performer she is!

Amy and Christiane had an inspiring conversation! She even taught Amy a thing or two about Patsy Rodenburg and the Second Circle! Dig in to this one! It’s got a lot of good stories and ideas!




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