Yes But Why ep 119 Screenwriter Bradley Jackson talks about his lifelong love for making movies!

This week on the Yes But Why Podcast, Amy talks to screenwriter and film producer, Bradley Jackson about what it takes to “make it” in a creative career. Amy has been a fly on the wall on a couple of projects Bradley has worked on so she was very excited to speak to him about his life in film. Bradley tells the tale of his first ever filmmaking experience (made in his dentist’s office as a kid); he talks about the formative education he got from UT’s Radio Television & Film program; and, he shares the trial and error of developing a narrative in the documentary film, Dealt. Get on the path to success with Bradley’s advice on identifying your creative focus and finding your team!

Watch Bradley’s recent films, Balls Out and Dealt on VOD and find his sci-fi series Crunch Time on Rooster Teeth! And keep your eyes peeled for anything produced by Bradley and his team at Ralph Smyth Entertainment because it will definitely be good!!



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