Yes But Why ep 110 JJ Summers has a big heart and a wild life!

This week on Yes But Why, Amy and Wendell interview JJ (Pistols) Summers, a musician turned comedian who hosts late night talk show, “The Panel Show,” at improv theaters around Austin.  

JJ tells us stories about spending the summer after high school in the West Indies, working on his thesis on the culture of stoner movies, and being inspired to do improv by wild child standup, TJ Miller. Tune in for a funny and revealing chat with JJ Summers!

Watch JJ be wonderful IRL in “The Panel Show: Mondo Panorama” at Coldtowne Theater on Friday 6/15 and 6/29 at 11:30pm! (Amy is going to be in the 6/15 show as well! Yowza!)






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