YBY Episode 50 Donna HD

Yes But Why Podcast was honored to interview top notch communication specialist, Donna HD! Donna is based out of Houston and teaches improv techniques as empowerment to entrepreneurs. Get excited for this amazing exploration of improv and collaboration. We discuss Donna’s methods for teaching the concepts of living fully in the moment, seeing outside of our own perspective, and embracing failure as a method of educating ourselves. Special thanks to guest co-host Christopher Jordan of Dudes and Beer Podcast for joining us for this enlightening episode!

Support Donna HD by sending your Houston-based entrepreneur friends to her for her services and by buying her book, Improv Your Way On The Stage Of Life All Day, Every Day.

 **for more info on Donna’s mentor, Diane Ragsdale, now Delilah Blake – check out https://www.curiositylabandtheater.com/delilah.html





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