YBY ep 331: Jada Pulley is dedicated to making improv an art form accessible to all!

This week on Yes But Why, I interviewed improv performer and producer, Jada Pulley.

Jada Pulley is a teaching and theater artist based in Minneapolis, MN. Jada is a staple of HUGE Theater, where they regularly produce and perform in improv shows, such as “Based on a True Story.” They are a proud director of the Twin Cities Black and Funny Improv Festival and founder of the Queer and Funny Improv Festival. Jada is dedicated to making improv an art form accessible to all people, especially those who are traditionally marginalized in theater spaces.

In our conversation, we discussed the different ways we receive and take in storytelling. Jada talked of their love of collaborating with other artists. We discuss how diversity among artists can open minds to different directing paths and different playing styles.

Jada is really busy but they say it all “feels like fun.”  We talked about how they manage a full plate of activities, from day job to producing festivals to being social with the HUGE Theater community. We kept discussing the ebb and flow of being sometimes an introvert and sometimes an extrovert.

Jada told me about producing the “Strangers No More” improv show and how that created a space to connect with other performers in the Minneapolis scene. I confessed that that is why I do Yes But Why – to connect and make friends with cool improvisers active in the worldwide scene.

Support Jada Pulley by joining the HUGE Theater community!

And by taking part in Jada’s festivals: the Twin Cities Black and Funny Improv Festival and the Queer and Funny Improv Festival!



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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 2/6/2023; posted on 2/13/2023)

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