YBY ep 271: Vishok Verma on bettering society through the performing arts.

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, I chat with Improv Artist and a Social Entrepreneur, Vishok Verma.  

Vishok Verma Improv Artist Social EntrepreneurVishok Verma is a Professional Trainer of Communication Skills (Corporate, Social Enterprises, and Non-profits). He is the Founder & CEO of “Let’s Express,” an organization that uses improvisational games and other performing arts exercises to boost the self-esteem and to improve the communication skills of young individuals from socio-economically disadvantaged areas of India.Vishok Verma Improv Artist Social Entrepreneur

Vishok has been performing improv since 2017. He has currently been doing both long-form and short-form Improv via Zoom with artists all around the globe. He was recently featured in one of Jay Sukow’s Today Improv videos. Vishok and I met when we performed together a few months ago in the ICB Playground: Intercity Festival Edition.Zoom screenshot Vishok and Amy Performing Improv ICB Playground Intercity Festival Edition

In our conversation, we talked about Vishok’s love of performing and writing. He shared with me the first time he found improv and that a-ha moment in his life. Comedy comes to Vishok naturally, as it does for me, and so he is drawn to it.

Vishok Verma Improv Artist Social EntrepreneurVishok’s improv journey began when he joined an Improv comedy group started by his co-workers called the “Monday Improvisers.” Another important moment in his creative path was when he got a chance to jam with Improv Comedy Bangalore.

Creativity drives Vishok forward. Vishok moved to Mumbai to pursue post-graduate studies. There, he focused on teaching and facilitating improv. We talk about how Vishok connected his studies in social entrepreneurship to his work in improv.  Vishok completed his post-graduate degree in Social Entrepreneurship from TISS, Mumbai in March 2020 and created his arts organization, “Let’s Express.” Vishok tells me his hopes and goals for his work. We discuss the power that art can have in a person’s life.Lets Express Improv kids

Help Vishok Verma by supporting his company “Let’s Express.” He is looking for more artists, domain experts and volunteers who can help him build “Let’s Express” and enable him to provide quality learning to as many people as possible. The website and YouTube channel of “Let’s Express” are almost ready! Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement!

Vishok Verma Improv Artist Social Entrepreneur

Contact Vishok Verma to learn Effective Communication Skills from him for every communication context. He will engage you and your team in activities and games so simple and fun that you won’t even realize you are learning! Vishok is currently available via Zoom! Connect with him through LinkedIn or Instagram!


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 6/3/2021…posted on 7/12/2021)

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