YBY ep 274: Siddharth Venkatesh on craving the chaos of creativity!

This week on Yes But Why Podcast, I talk to improviser Siddharth Venkatesh.

Siddharth Venkatesh Improv Comedy BangaloreSiddharth Venkatesh is an improv performer with Improv Comedy Bangalore. In early September 2020, he co-created the ICB’s Facebook Community Group. It has since become a central hub through which improvisers all over the world connect! Outside of Improv, Siddharth is an engineer and he loves to play Indian classical percussion.Siddharth Venkatesh Improv Comedy Bangalore

In our conversation, Siddharth tells me about the television show he was in as a kid and how that experience shaped his artistic aspirations as an adult. What a wild experience to have as a child!

We gab about music, both playing it and enjoying it. We discuss the idea of finding a balance between structure and chaos in both our creativity and our lives.

Siddharth Venkatesh Improv Comedy BangaloreSiddharth expresses to me how he loves the current “globalization” of improv and how amazing it is that he gets to improvise with and learn from amazing performers from all over the world. Siddharth gushes about the great courses he has taken lately from improv greats such as Mandy Butler, Stephen Davidson, and David Razowsky.

Siddharth Venkatesh is all about building community and he wants you to join the ICB Community online! (I’m a member!) Check out the Facebook group, “Improv Comedy Bangalore Community,” for upcoming shows and jams! 

To support Siddharth, or to invite him to play in your show or jam, reach out to him on Facebook !Siddharth Venkatesh Improv Comedy Bangalore

ALSO — Siddharth’s first co-directed show will be streamed on the ICB FB page! Check out “Gather Around: Childhood stories we share” on August 7th and 8th! 

You can see Siddharth perform as part of Zmack‘s Improv and Sketch comedy team “Typical Heroes”. They have a monthly show live streamed on Zmack’s FB page. Next show is on August 6th! 


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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 6/24/2021…posted on 8/2/2021)

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