YBY ep 291: Shweta Bhat on appreciating the art that you create.

In this week’s episode of Yes But Why Podcast, I chatted with joyful storyteller, Shweta Bhat.

Shweta BhatShweta Bhat is a software professional, a teacher, a writer, a psychologist, a theatre artist, an improviser and a poet. She is a counsellor, trainer and consultant at SASHA (Support Against Sexual Harassment). Shweta is also the host and editor of “Voice – The SASHA PoSHcast,” a monthly podcast dealing with topics around the theme of sexual harassment prevention and gender equity.Shweta Bhat storyteller

Shweta teaches improv with Improv Comedy Bangalore. She also performs with the troupes, The Adamant Eves (ICB) and Typical Heroes (Zmack) Shweta is a performer of playback theatre with citylamps, and she is currently a part of the international team of the Social Justice Improv Project.

In our conversation, we chat about stage fright and social anxiety. We talk about how difficult it can be to make friends both as a child and as an adult. We discuss about what it takes to get comfortable with being seen.photo credit Vikas Badiger

Shweta shares that after the obligatory grade school plays, she didn’t really do any performing. The first time she reconnected with theater and performance was just as she was turning 30. Shweta created a poetry writing project to help her usher in the new decade of her life. Shweta likes to use storytelling, poetry and theatre to throw light on issues that plague us within and without.

Shweta Bhat on stage

Shweta gushes about the amazing improv community she has found in Bangalore. It is such a vibrant artistic scene that Shweta has the opportunity to perform many different ways from playback theater to spoken word poetry.

Shweta has a great perspective on creativity. We talk about the joy of cooking a meal and the sanctity of alone time.

Support Shweta Bhat by checking out her writing on her website. Follow Shweta on Instagram. Check out videos of her spoken word poetry performances HERE.



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(production notes: recorded zoom meeting via Rodecaster on 10/28/2021…posted on 11/29/2021)



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